It’s actually really very common that, as a population, we struggle to sleep in the summer.

I don’t know about you, but these long days play havoc with my sleep pattern, and I end up feeling like I’ve not had enough sleep.

One thing that I find really helps is being on top of my bedtime routine, because when the sun comes up, it wakes me up. So in order to counteracts that, I have to work backwards from about 5:30/6am, and decide what time I need to be asleep in order to get my 7-9 hours sleep in.

Something else that I like to do is keep the lights low. In the evening, as I’m winding down for bed, I like to have ambient lighting - not bright lighting. I actually can’t stand bright lights at night, they just wake me up again. However, if I slowly dim the lights, I find it helps me to drift off to sleep.

There is also a lot of evidence to suggest that being phone / screen free half an hour to an hour before bed will help to improve falling asleep and quality of sleep, but don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just as guilty as you are for being on my phone.

Another thing that I really enjoy using is a pillow spray. A nice essential oil pillow spray, can really help you to relax and unwind into your perfect night sleep. 

We also have blackout curtains, which although I wouldn’t want to be without them, don’t really do enough. So I often end up using an eye mask too, which although they take some getting used to, they do really help.

So with that in mind, this month’s subscription box was very sleep focussed.

It enclosed a luxury silk eye mask, an Unwind room/ pillow spray and Unwind wax melts, as well as a couple of sleep teas and a cheeky biscuit - a real treat and all for £19.50

You can sign up to the subscription box here, and get your first box for £10 with code FIRSTBOX.

Or you can try out the Unwind room / pillow spray, which is a beautiful blend of bergamot, lavender and frankincense essential oils here.