Here at The Little Self-Care Club, we believe in the importance of prioritising self-care

We have a variety of offerings, including our newly launched self-care membership, specially blended essential oil products as well as journals and planners and digital downloads, all to support your self-care as we understand how tough putting yourself first can be

Breath Again Room Spray

I absolutely love my Breathe Again Room spray. It's so fresh and calming. I'll be buying more for around the house. Thanks Jodie. - Kiran

Winter Spice Candle

Not only does my Winter Spice candle smell amazing, but Jodie’s passion for the essential oils and how they can help and her openness about her personal experience with them is wonderful. - Kerry

Unwind Wax Melts & Balm

I've been using the Unwind max melts and sleep balm for a few days now and I can 100% say it has worked. I struggled to go to sleep and get a good night and now I don't. - Cherryce

Tips for managing your anxiety

I was inspired to write this ebook in the hope that the techniques that I have learned over the years managing my own anxiety will be able to help someone else.

Essential Oils have formed a huge part of my own self-care journey and they are of course mentioned in the guide. However, you'll also find other techniques and areas to focus on, such as movement, sleep, journaling and connection with your friends and family. Just pop your details in below and the guide will be with you instantly.

Hi, I'm Jodie - Welcome to the Little Self-Care Club

I’ve been creating hand poured products using essential oils since 2019, however I have been using them for quite a bit longer, as I found that they really helped me when I was struggling with depression back in 2013. I started creating products, wanting to encourage my family and friends to try to use fewer toxin filled, mass produced home fragrances. So by creating lovingly handmade products that were blended with essential oils, it meant that they were also using more natural and sustainable items. This would not only cleanse their home of the vast amount of toxins that are found in mass produced fragrance products, but also introduce the healing powers of essential oils.

Self-Care Top Tips

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